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Reconsider Granite opposition

Before condemning the Granite School Board decision to keep schools open, the Deseret Morning News needed to consider three important questions:

Why did the options committee bring only fully enrolled east-side junior high schools to the closure table and not even touch under-enrolled junior highs, elementary schools and high schools on the west side?

Does a school board have the right to disregard input from mayors like Peter Corroon and many legislators before decimating their communities and chances for neighborhood regeneration with multiple school closures?

Why has the $3 million that the district promised would go toward music, new west-side elementary schools and other "extras" suddenly become so crucial to meeting the budget now that teachers won't get paid without it? Should lack of financial foresight on the part of the district be paid for by bulldozing schools with 90 percent enrollment?

Obviously, the Granite District School Board considered these and many other important decisions before coming to a very hard decision. The district's financial priorities must sustain schools, not feed off of them to sustain itself.

Betsy VanDenBerghe

Salt Lake City