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Actors try togetherness to prepare for movie roles

Peter Sarsgaard got a new roommate to prepare for his role as a Marine in the Gulf War drama "Jarhead."

The 34-year-old actor plays Jake Gyllenhaal's sniper partner in the film adaptation of Anthony Swofford's memoir, so he decided to spend as much time as possible with him in real life, he told The New York Times Magazine in Sunday's issue.

Sarsgaard and Gyllenhaal lived together for about five months during filming, mostly in a hotel in Mexico.

"The idea was to simulate the military experience: what happens if you're forced to be with someone every minute of the day and night," Sarsgaard told the magazine. "And we fought. We'd have a fight and then we'd still have to be together. For a while, I would just wear headphones. All the time. That lasted for 10 days."