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Trees make Lindon a winner

Stuart Johnson, Deseret Morning News

Lindon has been named Community of the Year by the Utah Community Forest Council, thanks to the work of its Tree Advisory Board.

Board Chairwoman Jeannine Cartwright accepted a marble plaque at a Friday luncheon in Provo to recognize the city. "We were so amazed," she said. "We're such a little fledgling (board) —we just started doing this."

The advisory board was established in May to help promote a "leafier" way of life in Lindon and has already written a tree ordinance, created a Web site and written articles encouraging citizens to become more "tree aware."

"I think (trees are) phenomenally important . . . to provide for future generations," Cartwright said. "Big trees are not something that you can bring in."

The city will continue working with the tree board to ensure its lives up to the new honor, said Mayor Jeff Acerson.

"We're building all these brick-and-mortar structures — man-made things, he said. "It's nice to intersperse those with a lot of natural things."