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Gere prepares for latest role by visiting with sex offenders

Sheriff's officers say Richard Gere is a gentleman.

Gere, doing research for his role in the upcoming movie "The Flock," spent about four hours with Albuquerque, N.M., deputies recently going door-to-door to check on registered sex offenders.

He also interviewed Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White, a former child sex crimes detective.

"None of us knew what to expect, especially from someone as big a Hollywood star as Richard Gere," White said.

"The women commented on how good-looking he was, and everyone else just thought he was a down-to-earth nice guy," White said.

Gere will play a federal agent who is tracking a missing girl he believes was abducted by a sex offender he is investigating.

White said Gere wanted to meet with his deputies to get insight for his character. While riding with deputies, the star of "An Officer and a Gentleman" went into the homes of several registered sex offenders and spent several minutes talking with them.

Gere's screen credits also include roles in "Chicago," "Runaway Bride" and "Pretty Woman."