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Provo apartment fire damages laundry room

PROVO — An apartment fire in a laundry room caused nearly $7,500 in damage Monday night.

The apartment fire at 761 E. 820 North was discovered by a resident about 7:45 p.m. She shut the door, called police and evacuated the apartment, said Provo Fire Capt. Lynn Schofield.

Shutting the door contained the fire to the laundry room and helped prevent more extensive damage, Schofield said. No one was injured.

Crews spent less than five minutes minutes putting out the fire and another hour cleaning up. Fire officials still aren't how the fire started, but they don't believe it was intentional or suspicious.

The smoke alarms in the apartment were not working, Schofield said, and reminded residents to check their smoke alarms to ensure they would work in an emergency.