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Roundabout not a 4-way stop

Mark A. Willcoxon (Readers' Forum, Nov. 12) was no doubt well-meaning by encouraging the rest of us to be courteous drivers, but well-meaning can sometimes be "dead" wrong. Timidity can be just as dangerous as aggressiveness when it comes to driving. I agree with the need for us to allow each other to make lane changes and to stop at yellow lights, but he needs to learn the proper way to use a roundabout. Roundabouts are not four-way stops. They are built to eliminate four-way stops and to speed up the flow of traffic. The proper way to use a roundabout is to always yield to the traffic coming from the left. If there isn't any traffic coming from your left side, you should proceed into the roundabout without slowing anymore than is needed to make the maneuver. If there is traffic coming from the left, stop until it is clear.

Layne K. Abbott