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Gasoline prices drop

Average Utah price down 46 cents from Oct. 19

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Average gasoline prices in Utah fell to $2.32 on Tuesday, down 46 cents from Oct. 19 but still 29 cents higher compared to a year ago, according to the American Automobile Association's Fuel Gage report.

The national average price of gasoline is $2.29, up 32 cents from a year ago.

All Utah cities surveyed saw substantial drops in average per-gallon prices for regular, self-serve gasoline from October.

Ogden motorists, the report said, saw the largest savings, with a 57-cent drop to $2.20 from last month's average. Logan's average price dropped 55 cents to $2.30 per gallon. In Salt Lake City, prices fell 49 cents to $2.20. Moab's average price dropped 46 cents to $2.50. Provo prices were down 43 cents to $2.33. Vernal's prices dropped 40 cents to $2.46. St. George witnessed a 39-cent drop to $2.47.

AAA Utah surveys a limited number of communities across the state in its monthly gas survey. Individual service stations sell gas at both higher and lower prices, sometimes even in the same city block.

Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah spokeswoman, said in a prepared statement that gasoline demand this fall has been flat, with motorists either driving fewer miles or finding ways to improve gasoline mileage.

"The decline in sales of large vehicles in October is another indication that motorists took the past high gasoline prices as a wake-up call," Fairclough said. "In a recent survey, 68 percent of AAA Utah members said that their next vehicle will be more fuel-efficient."

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, total U.S. gasoline stocks were at 201.1 million barrels on Nov. 4, down from 201.3 million barrels a year ago.

The AAA Fuel Gauge Web Site is derived from credit card transactions at more than 60,000 stations around the country.