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No recount in Provo: Clark to join council

PROVO — Cindy Clark will replace Paul Warner on the Provo City Council in January after Warner decided Tuesday not to ask for a recount of the Nov. 8 election results.

Clark led Warner by 42 votes at the end of election night, but she said the last week has been as nerve-racking as a second election as the two candidates waited for City Recorder LaNice Groesbeck to count 41 provisional votes cast in District 2.

Clark increased her lead to 47 when Groesbeck counted those votes Tuesday afternoon. Warner had seven days to ask for a recount after the City Council and Mayor Lewis Billings certified the vote Tuesday night. Instead, he said that despite the disappointment he chose to concede after the margin grew even farther apart instead of closer.

Overall, 1,430 votes were cast for Clark and 1,383 for Warner.