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Provo woman gets perfect 12 of 12

Utah's loss to New Mexico and Washington's upset over Arizona sunk many a Grid Picker, but Kathryn Ritchie of Provo navigated the carnage for the only perfect, 12 of 12 score to win last week's contest. She wins tickets to a Utah Jazz game and a Grid Picks T-shirt.

Runners-up among the 931 entries with 11 correct included Savannah Barlow of Taylorsville, Jordan Park of Nephi and Nathan Slaughter of Logan. Others with 10 correct included Debra Miller of New Plymouth, Idaho; Lynn Bortolussi of Spring, Texas; and Boyd Lancaster of Brigham City. Each receives a Grid Picks T-shirt.

Among the media panel, a 7-5 score was tops, recorded by Jon Ringwood, Tom Kirkland and Greg Wrubell. Amy Donaldson went 6-6 and Loren Jorgensen ended 5-7.

To enter the final regular season contest, go online to and click on the Grid Picks line. Entries are due by 5 p.m. Friday.