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Leaving Mideast is solution

Frank Overfelt (Readers' Forum, Nov. 15) informs us that the terrorists we fight against "are not human beings." Once you dehumanize them, they become just so many insects or vermin needing eradication.

Overfelt, like so many other frenzied war hawks, apparently believes the solution merely is to kill all the terrorists. Never mind that the problems began with Western imperialist land-grabbing after World War I. Never mind that our covert operatives have provoked revolutions and assassinations there for decades. Never mind that our own governments have force-fed selected pet corporations down the throats of Middle Eastern nations. The level of corruption poured into those lands by Western governments is mind-boggling. In a medical analogy, the Middle Eastern body seems to be rejecting our treatment. The only effective cure is for us to get out and stay out.

Steven E. Yorgason