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2 more people arrested in Layton brawl last year

LAYTON — Police have arrested two more people in connection with a brawl that left a woman injured more than a year ago.

Shaumbai Reeves, 28, was arrested in Box Elder County after Layton police obtained an arrest warrant.

Reeves was booked into the Davis County Jail Monday on investigation of aggravated burglary. Dante Holston, 31, was booked into the Davis County Jail on Thursday on investigation of the same crime.

On Sept. 19, 2004, a party at a Layton home was interrupted by a crowd of party crashers who had a dispute with one of the men there, said Layton Assistant Police Chief Craig Gibson.

It appears a door was kicked in, and 10 to 15 people began to fight with those at the party. Three women were arrested shortly after the incident. But with more than 15 people and 15 stories surrounding what happened, it has taken more than a year to sort out the case's details, Gibson said.