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Sports briefs


LAW TARGETS ROWDY FANS: Overzealous sports fans could face up to $25,000 in fines under a law passed Wednesday by the New York City Council to crack down on rowdy spectators. New York City already is known for enforcing the nation's toughest penalties for fans who run onto a playing field or floor.

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who authored the city's strict 2003 law against spectators running amok, came up with the new measure during Game 6 of the AL championship series between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox two years ago.

The new measure, which is an amendment to his earlier law, passed without opposition and takes effect when Mayor Michael Bloomberg signs it.

HOUSE REJECTS BOXING BILL: Congress chose Wednesday not to step into the ring as boxing's referee, voting down a bill to create a federal agency to protect fighters' health and wallets.

Pro football

CONDITIONAL SUPER BOWL: NFL owners voted Wednesday to tentatively award Kansas City a Super Bowl, largely as a tribute to owner Lamar Hunt, who gave the game its name.

It comes with one giant string attached: improvements to Arrowhead Stadium, including a rolling roof to keep out the February cold. The team estimates the cost of the roof alone at $100 million to $200 million — and that's not counting $300 million or so the Chiefs say they need in stadium upgrades.

The approval is for a 10-year window, starting in 2011, but Hunt said the most likely prospects would be for the 49th or 51st Super Bowl, after the 2014 or 2016 seasons.

"This is a very happy day, and in some respects a surprising day," he said at a news conference after the second day of the owners' two-day fall meeting adjourned. "This is something our organization has talked about for a number of years."

INJURED MCNABB OUT: The Philadelphia Eagles couldn't win without Terrell Owens. Now they won't have Donovan McNabb. The five-time Pro Bowl quarterback will miss Philadelphia's game against the New York Giants on Sunday with a groin injury.

Mike McMahon, who had been the third-string quarterback, will get the start over backup Koy Detmer.

McNabb's status beyond this week is uncertain. He'll see a specialist Thursday. McNabb has played through several injuries this season, including a sports hernia that will require surgery.

He originally planned to have the surgery after the season, but it's possible he'll have it sooner.

The House voted 233-190 against forming a U.S. Boxing Commission within the Commerce Department. Most Republicans opposed the measure, while most Democrats voted for it.