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Intervention is sought in Questar rate request

Pair claim firm is trying to circumvent 2003 court ruling

Roger Ball, the former executive director of the state Committee of Consumer Services, and Salt Lake City resident Claire Geddes filed a request Thursday seeking to intervene in Questar Gas Co.'s latest rate request before the state Public Service Commission.

Ball and Geddes claim Salt Lake-based Questar is trying to circumvent a unanimous 2003 Utah Supreme Court ruling, which rejected a Questar rate increase imposed on customers over costs involved in a natural gas processing plant.

The ruling ultimately resulted in a $29 million refund to customers, amounting to about $37 for the typical customer.

But under a proposed agreement, Questar will be able to collect processing costs related to the plant that are incurred from January 2005 through 2008.

Ball and Geddes want the Public Service Commission to open a full set of hearings, with a chance to testify on all information provided by Questar.

They also assert that the state Public Utilities Division "failed in its statutory duty to provide the Public Service Commission with objective and comprehensive information, evidence and recommendations that will provide for just and reasonable (utility) rates."