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Media exaggerate war's effects

While our nation is at war, there is a problem in our country with the mass media and the Democratic congressmen who are giving aid and comfort to our enemies. As an 84-year-old veteran of World War II, I watched in astonishment as our armed forces defeated the enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq in such a short time and with so little loss of life. On one island in the Pacific, during World War II, a navy bulldozer operator would push out a big trench in the morning and — after 50 to 100 bodies had been placed there — he would cover it that evening.

If we were to take the media seriously, one would think there was a great loss of life. Most big cities have more murders each day than is lost in the war zone. Iraq is on the road to democracy and history will record this war as a big event and Bush as a great president.

John H. Adams