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BYU center is moving downtown in 2007

The Brigham Young University Salt Lake Center will be moved in fall 2007 to building 3 of the Triad Center, located between North and South Temple and 300 and 400 West.

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints publicly announced the relocation date and place in a news release Friday. The First Presidency has indicated in the past that both the BYU Salt Lake Center and the LDS Business College would occupy parts of the Triad Center.

The LDS Business College is expected to move into the Triad Center in fall 2006.

The Church purchased the Triad Center in June 2004. The center has three office buildings. Building 5 is occupied by KSL-TV Channel 5 and other tenants. At present, buildings 3 and 4 are mostly vacant.

The BYU Salt Lake Center is currently at a site near 3700 South and Highland Drive. The school has mostly night courses. Students can take classes that apply toward both master's and bachelor's degrees. Most of the students are taking undergraduate courses.

The LDS Business College was founded in 1886. It offers two-year associate degrees. The college is located on South Temple near 400 East.

Salt Lake City officials have said the relocation of the business college and BYU Salt Lake Center are key to an overall downtown revitalization plan. The church announced plans in 2003 to remodel and revitalize Salt Lake City's two downtown malls, Crossroads Plaza and the ZCMI Center, both of which the church owns.

A time frame and specific details of the mall revitalization project have yet to be announced.