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Family, dog win song contest

A Sandy family of seven and their dog Roxy outperformed nine other finalist families to win the "Cottonelle Tales of Best Friends & Family" contest, a national song contest celebrating the special bond between families and their dogs. They were awarded the grand prize of $200,000 for a home makeover and will appear in a Cottonelle print advertisement in People magazine.

Brett and Marci Nilsson and their children, Tanner, Jace, Chad, Aubrey and McKay, along with Roxy, a miniature pinscher, were chosen from hundreds of families and their dogs that sang and barked their hearts out during auditions throughout the country or via video. The 10 finalist families were selected based on the lyrics of their original song and performance with their dog. America helped select the winning family by voting online at

The Nilsson family's team spirit and love for their dog stood out in the original lyrics as they sang in matching team jerseys. They belted out a rap-pop-classic tune that brought a sense of family caring to life. Further, the family expressed their doggie devotion in a unique way — by harmonizing with a free-style beat box solo by son Tanner.

"We wrote this song about Roxy because she brings so much joy to our lives every single day," said Marci Nilsson. "When we heard about the 'Cottonelle Tales of Best Friends & Family' contest, we knew we had to enter and tell the world just how much Roxy means to us."

To view the Nilsson family's winning performance as well as performances from the other nine finalist families, log on to