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USU seminar to focus on customer service

The 15th annual Customer Service and Marketing Seminar presented by Utah State University's College of Business will take place Nov. 9-10 at the university.

Keynote speakers include Michael A. McCullough, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for the Miami Heat; John Devos, senior vice president for product strategy for Schwan's Food Service Inc.; John F. Sickles, chief executive officer and cofounder of Tricordia Partnerships for Giving; Tad Martin, senior vice president of merchandising and operations for; Karen Breen Vogel, CEO of ClearGauge; John Lauck, executive vice president of marketing for Mrs. Fields Famous Brands; and David Carlick, managing director of VantagePoint Venture Partners.

Part of the "Partners in Business" series, the seminar costs $365. Details are available by calling 800-472-9965 or going online to