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Easy pickin' week

It's no longer summertime, but the pickin's were easy . . . so easy, in fact, we had to disqualify the top picker. It seems she's related to one of our Grid Pick-ing panelists. Her consolation is she helped Mom go 11-1 this week.

So, going down the list of 1,019 entries, Tony Hill of Salt Lake City scored 11 of 12 correct and 6 on the tiebreaker to win tickets to a Utah football game and a Grid Picks T-shirt.

Brian Roberts, Pleasant Grove, and Kelly Wood of Las Cruces, N.M., scored 7 on the tiebreaker, followed by Russell Davis of Waco, Texas, Lora Isbell, American Fork, and James Hilton, Bountiful, all with 10 on the tiebreaker. David Sanderson, Riverton, had 12. Each receives a Grid Picks T-shirt.

Amy Donaldson (with a little inside help?) scored 11-1 — the best weekly picking of the year among media panelists. Loren Jorgensen and Greg Wrubell were 10-2, and Jon Ringwood and Tom Kirkland ended the week 9-3. Wrubell maintains the overall lead.

To enter this week's contest online, go to and click on the Grid Picks line on the home page. Entries are due by 5 p.m. Friday.