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School system misunderstood

In the flurry of "east vs. west" letters to the editor regarding Granite District schools, many writers fail to understand certain public education operations.

First, there is no "profit" from students who attend from outside the district. The state assigns a number of dollars to each student attending a school, but the district must spend those dollars to pay for the students' teachers, supplies, building maintenance, etc. In other words, by filling empty seats with out-of-area students, the district receives funds for the fixed costs of the school, but it's no money maker.

One writer's assertion that east-side schools have been "forgotten" has himself forgotten that the district recently rebuilt Olympus Junior High (2003) and William Penn Elementary (2004). In fact, the geographic location of a school has nothing to do with its priority for repair or replacement. Buildings are repaired or rebuilt based on 32 factors such as age, enrollment, safety, etc.

A writer said that all but one of the Granite Board of Education members live in Taylorsville. Hogwash. Only one member lives in Taylorsville. Each board member resides in one of seven geographic precincts distributed throughout the district. Salt Lake County establishes each precinct by population, so each board member represents approximately the same number of residents.

Randy Ripplinger

Granite School District

South Salt Lake City