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High prices spur a new coal rush

Good times are back at the Skyline coal mine in Helper.

Arch Coal Inc. closed the mine and laid off 200 workers two years ago, when coal was just too cheap to justify extracting. But a mini coal boom is changing all that. St. Louis-based Arch is investing about $40 million to reopen the mine, and local miners are lining up for work.

"We're in about as good a condition as we've been in some time," said Delynn Fielding, director of economic development for Carbon County, where the mine is located.

Fielding's words could apply to the coal industry overall. Companies like Arch have seen surging profits and record-high stock prices, and expansion plans are in the works, from new coal mines to coal-fired power plants, according to an Associated Press article on Page M7 of today's Money section.