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Don't let S.L. become like L.A.

Having moved to Eagle Mountain one year ago from the Los Angeles area, I must say how sickened I was to see the KSL news investigative report wherein a private citizen videotaped what is going on right under his apartment window on a daily basis in the downtown area of Salt Lake City. I am disappointed — not with the investigative report — but with the fact the Police Department and those directly responsible for their actions have chosen to turn a blind eye to these horrible circumstances. This is a nightmare become reality.

We previously lived in a suburb of Los Angeles, the city of Simi Valley. The Simi Valley Police adopted a zero tolerance attitude with regard to gangs, drugs and the like. The city was chosen as the safest city of its size many years running. What I saw in Salt Lake City was very much like what goes on in downtown L.A. The findings in this investigative report are not a proud moment for Salt Lake City. You must take a stand — however belated.

Pat Catherall

Eagle Mountain