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Man arrested after police standoff

A 22-year-old man gave himself up to police Sunday afternoon following a nearly 12-hour standoff involving SWAT teams from both Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County.

The man was arrested, and possible charges may include kidnapping and aggravated assault, Salt Lake City Police Lt. Dave Askerlund said.

The drama began Saturday about 3 p.m. when two men met two other men in a vehicle near 1700 South and 500 East, apparently to initiate a drug deal or some other exchange of money, Askerlund said. But something went wrong, a fight erupted and one of the men was stabbed.

The first two men then took the victim and the fourth man to a residence in South Salt Lake. They tied up both men, along with a woman who lives in the home, Askerlund said.

The three victims managed to escape several hours later, at about 8 p.m., and called police.

The stabbing victim, a man in his 20s, was taken to a local hospital in extremely critical condition. He was upgraded to critical but stable condition late Sunday, Askerlund said.

Police interviewed the victims and were led to a home in the 2600 East block of 3300 South, where they believed the first two men might be found. Police staked out the residence and saw one of the men arrive in a taxicab at about 3 a.m., Askerlund said. They received information indicating one of the men might have a gun.

"They called for back-up officers and that started our standoff," Askerlund said. "There were several people in the house. Some left and were stopped by officers. Two remained in the house."

At that time, about 4 a.m., the city's SWAT unit was called in. The county SWAT team joined the effort later. Officers were in communication with the 22-year-old for several hours and, about 2 p.m., they convinced him to come out. He surrendered peacefully, Askerlund said.

The second man who was in the home apparently was not involved in the earlier incidents but was essentially being held hostage, Askerlund said.

Several people who left the home initially were arrested on outstanding warrants, Askerlund said, including the man who allegedly stabbed the man injured Saturday.

Police blocked traffic on 3300 South between 2300 East and 2700 East during the standoff. They allowed residents to leave the area but did not let anyone back in until the situation was resolved.

Stacey Ford, who lives directly across the street from the house where the man was cornered, said she felt safe because of the police presence and did not feel the need to leave her home.

"I think they did a phenomenal job of managing the situation," she said of police. "I think they were very patient and very professional when dealing with the civilians and I think that was a large part of the reason why things turned out the way they did."