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Utah's lodging occupancy, room rates are up in October

Utah's lodging facilities saw both a higher occupancy rate and average room rate in October when compared to the same month in 2004.

The Rocky Mountain Lodging Report, released Monday, indicated that occupancy was at 65.9 percent in October, with an average rate of $75.28. That compares with 58.3 percent a year ago when the average room rate was $70.55.

Occupancy rates in 2005 have ranged from 57.6 percent in January to 76.6 percent in July. Room rates ranged from $71.29 in May to $84.16 in January.

Salt Lake City lodging facilities experienced 70.4 percent occupancy in October, with an $81.02 average room rate.

The lowest occupancy rate in October among cities listed in the report was 40 percent in Park City. The lowest rate average was $57.61 in Cedar City. The highest occupancy rate was 74.6 percent in St. George. The highest average room rate was $91.02 in downtown and east Salt Lake City.