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Progressives hurting society

Mike Sorich (Readers' Forum, Nov. 20) challenges anyone who supports traditional conservative values to explain what our philosophy has done to better American society in the last 50 years.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sorich, we have not done that much. We have allowed your "progressive" friends to legalize the brutal murder of countless unborn children. We have allowed millions of people to never learn the joy of hard work through well-meaning but misguided entitlement programs. We have allowed activist judges to give rights to the evildoers and take them away from their victims. We have allowed "progressives" to turn our youths into a generation bent on immorality. We have allowed too many of our people to become destitute elders by telling them that the government will take care of them.

Sadly we have not done enough, while the progressives have done too much.

Robert Stanton

Fruit Heights