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Preps of the week

JAMES JOHANSEN: Skyline's five-year state title drought came to an end last week largely because of the tough running of this senior.

Johansen led Skyline to a 34-24 victory over Brighton in the 5A championship by carrying the ball 26 times for 133 yards.

"He kind of turned it for us," said assistant coach Steve Marlowe. "He never, ever let up. That kind of brought the team along and gave us a little more confidence."

Entering the championship game, Johansen had 495 rushing yards on 54 carries. Thanks to his efforts against Brighton, the Skyline fullback finished the season with 628 yards on 80 carries.

ROSEY FALEMAKA, Hunter: This senior middle blocker didn't just provide her team with some big plays as the Wolverines earned an undefeated region title, she gave them a mental edge that took them to a seventh-place finish at state.

"The biggest thing she did for our team was she stepped up as a leader," said Hunter coach Pam Olsen. "She got the big blocks, but it wasn't just physically what she did when she stepped on the court . . . You could feel the team's confidence when she subbed into the game."

Falemaka's commitment to her teammates is even more significant considering she's also the Wolverines' senior class president and a member of the basketball team.

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