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Creamery sells ice cream that has no sugar added

PROVO — The BYU Creamery is now offering "no sugar added" ice cream for chocolate and vanilla ice-cream lovers.

The Creamery started with the sucrose-free ice cream in October, trying to cater to individuals requesting a healthier dessert option.

Although the flavors are currently limited to vanilla and chocolate, other flavors may soon follow, depending on the success of the initial two.

"We really want to have a good line," said Ralph Johnson, general manager of the four BYU Creameries. "(With another flavor) we want to make sure we keep it on the same level."

The ice cream, sweetened with Equal, is being sold for $4 in half-gallon containers through the four creameries at Brigham Young University.

It is also being phased into the Creameries for single-scoop purchases.

"I really haven't heard anything negative about it," Johnson said. "Everybody that I know of, that's tried it, thought it was pretty good. Personally, I think it's very good."