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Time to light the fire under us

What will bring real leaders to a system that has none? What will inspire the existing leaders to take action? John Florez points out a critical issue in his article "Today's schools need front-line educators," but it's only a problem within a problem and can't be solved independently. We need leaders in the school boards to "come alive" and breathe new life into our failed system, but they won't find the energy to do so until the system has already changed. It's a Catch-22. Our system can't overcome its own inertia. For this reason we turn to legislators to provide an external "kick in the pants," but they shouldn't be the only ones called to action. Our public school system is in desperate need of a match. We need leaders and entrepreneurs, in technology, business and the media, to light the fire under it.

Brian C. Yee

Salt Lake City