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Lionel Richie blames stress for daughter's slender size

Lionel Richie says the stress of his daughter's expanding career is most likely the reason for her shrinking dress size.

"I know what's happening with her right now, she's a nervous wreck," Richie says of Nicole, who was heavier when she co-starred with Paris Hilton on "The Simple Life."

"She's like her father, you can either blow up or you can shrink away," the R&B crooner said Monday night in New York. "And right now, she's just feeling a little bit of the pressures of her new business. So in this case . . . she will be all right."

"Dad is on the case," he said.

The 24-year-old Richie has said she was always really thin, but went through a heavier stage during the first season of "The Simple Life."