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Police say man tried to hit parking enforcer

Salt Lake police on Tuesday were looking for a man who allegedly tried to run over a parking enforcement officer who tried to impound his vehicle.

The 53-year-old man left his car parked at a meter near 100 South and 200 East about 11 a.m. but did not put any money in the meter, said Salt Lake police detective Dwayne Baird.

A parking enforcement officer drove by while the man was inside a nearby business. When the officer checked the license plate, he discovered the owner of the vehicle had racked up $610 in unpaid parking tickets, Baird said.

As the officer called for a tow truck and attempted to impound the vehicle, the owner came out and angrily told him he was taking his car back, Baird said.

The man got inside his car and hit the car in front and backed into the parking enforcer's car, Baird said. He then allegedly bumped the officer as he drove away. The officer received only minor injuries.

Police traced the license plate number to the house where the man's ex-wife lived. She had not seen her former husband, Baird said. Investigators also checked the man's work, but he was not there.

Police were looking for a full-size blue Chevy Suburban with Utah license plate number 341 LKJ.