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Redwood Road reopens

TAYLORSVILLE — Holiday shoppers today can expect at least a little less headache if they're hitting the roads in Taylorsville: A chunk of Redwood Road that has been under construction has reopened.

All lanes on the stretch of Redwood, between I-215 and 5400 South, opened Wednesday.

The road is home to many businesses, from small locally owned stores to big-box retailers, and Taylorsville economic development director Don Adams said the city is "pleased to open the improved Redwood Road to the public in time for the holiday shopping season."

While the bulk of the construction work is done, lanes will still be closed periodically to finish up work in the coming months, according to a city news release.

Among the improvements done during construction:

Consolidated and improved driveways into business areas to improve traffic flow and provide better access to businesses.

Additional and improved turning lanes at Redwood Road's intersections with I-215, 5600 South and 5400 South.

Dedicated right-turn lanes into major businesses.

Relocation of corridor utilities from overhead to underground.