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Lennon's solo catalog is ready to download

JOHN LENNON'S solo catalog is being made available for downloading for the first time. EMI Music's Capitol and Parlophone labels have announced that the digital availability of the music began on Monday with the release of the greatest hits album "Working Class Hero." The rest of the catalog will be available for purchase through various digital music services starting on Dec. 6 in the United States.

ROB FISHER has been named to succeed Skitch Henderson as conductor of the New York Pops Concert at Carnegie Hall. Henderson, the founder and music director of the Pops, died on Nov. 1 at 87. The program, introduced by Walter Cronkite and featuring William Hurt as narrator and the Purdue Varsity Glee Club, will include music by Glenn Miller and Cole Porter, among others, as well as a performance of Marc Blitzstein's "Airborne Symphony."

AFTER FOUR YEARS, the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival has grown from a quasi-rave in the Guinness brewery's tourist center to a six-day spread of intellectually respectable concerts and film screenings across the Irish capital.

The 30 events, which are now mostly held in bars and nightclubs, have featured acts from the raunchy rapper Kool Keith to American theremin player Pamelia Kurstin.