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Mom thanks all who helped

I'm sitting in amazing Primary Children's Medical Center with my very ill son, counting my blessings that I live in a state where neighbors know each other and care for each other. My neighbors cared enough about my confused child to form a huge search when he went missing early Saturday morning. They called friends and family and hung fliers for miles.

I'm grateful for someone at Paintball Planet who gave my child a coat that probably saved his life as he spent two nights outside in freezing temperatures.

I'm grateful for officer Dave Mortenson, who spent time helping overstressed parents cope and understand their options.

I'm thankful to American Preparatory Academy (his school) for staff who went to school on a Saturday to implement a phone tree with amazing speed.

And I am grateful for a guy I've never met named Joe Osentowski, who noticed my son, made a call and ended a nightmare.

My family and I are blessed.

Jane Spence