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The winners and the losers

Winner: As it now stands, state agencies can enact rules that carry criminal penalties. The only problem is, the people of Utah don't elect the folks who run state agencies. Members of the Administrative Rules Review Committee, made up of state lawmakers, may change that, requiring that such rules take the form of state law before they can be administered.

That might pose problems, for example, when it comes to quickly changing fishing and hunting regulations. But the thought of having lawmakers at least deliberate administrative decisions in public ought to give the public a little more comfort.

Loser: For one 53-year-old man, a parking ticket is the least of his worries. Police say the man rammed cars parked in front of and behind his, then tried to run over a parking enforcement officer in Salt Lake City this week after being told his car was about to be impounded for his failure to pay $610 in parking tickets.

To run out of quarters is one thing. To run over an officer is something truckloads of quarters couldn't fix.

Winner: If you're flying to Salt Lake City, you have an 83.57 percent chance of arriving on time. That remarkable fact made Salt Lake International the nation's most punctual airport, according to federal data released this week. This isn't just the result of good weather — after all, the Wasatch Front suffers from frequent winter inversions that cut visibility to nearly nothing. The airport's managers and workers deserve most of the credit.

Our guess is they arrive on time to work most days, as well.