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'Blink-out' signs helpful

I am very grateful for the "blink-out" technology that has been used on Bangerter Highway. As a resident of the southwestern part of Salt Lake County, I go under those heads-up signs every day as I travel. I now see motorists hitting their breaks rather than the gas pedal before they get to the intersection because the helpful "prepare to stop" light comes on. Anyone with common sense knows now that you cannot make the green light if you see the prepare to stop warning light come on.

Still, Bangerter Highway's new signs could be improved. When we lived back East, such "blink-out" signs were old news and nearly 800 to 1,500 feet (two to four times farther) in front of the lights on major highways.

Even with the new warning system, Bangerter Highway is flawed. Frequent major intersections on a stretch that allows speeds between 55 and 60 is a compromise to public safety and efficient commuting. Instead of bandages, the state needs to put in interchanges with overpasses for at least 50 percent of the main crossings.

R. Larry Jeffs