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Some buyers report problems with Xbox 360s

Microsoft Corp., the world's biggest software maker, said it has received "isolated" reports of glitches with its Xbox 360 video-game console from consumers in the first days after the model went on sale.

The reports represent "a very small fraction" of the Xbox machines sold, Microsoft spokeswoman Molly O'Donnell said Friday in a statement sent by e-mail. Users complained on Web sites including and that games stopped during play and the machines unexpectedly turned off.

Microsoft expects to sell up to 3 million Xbox 360s in the next three months as the company battles No. 1 Sony Corp., which won't release its PlayStation 3 machine until next year. Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft in February offered to replace power cords for about 70 percent of the first Xbox consoles after reports of fires caused by electrical component failures. The Xbox 360 went on sale Tuesday.

"We are making sure that the people that are having problems are getting their issues resolved quickly," O'Donnell said in the e-mail.

In a poll of 557 users on, 16 percent reported problems with their machines.