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Arnold weighs clemency for Crips founder

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says that he will consider granting clemency to Crips co-founder and convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams.

After a private hearing with Williams' lawyers at his Sacramento office, Schwarzenegger said he

would meet again on Dec. 8 with the lawyers, Los Angeles County prosecutors and others involved.

As governor, he has the authority to commute a death sentence to life without parole. He is not legally obligated to hold a public or private hearing. Schwarzenegger decides clemency requests on a "case-by-case basis," said his spokeswoman, Margita Thompson.

Williams, 51, faces death by lethal injection on Dec. 13 for the 1979 slayings of four people — a Whittier convenience store clerk and three people at a Pico Rivera motel a few days later. He maintains his innocence and has asked the California Supreme Court to reopen his case, alleging shoddy forensics wrongly connected him to three of the murders.

The Supreme Court has not ruled on his petition.

Los Angeles County prosecutors and victims' relatives have demanded his execution.