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7 jail escapees captured, 2 missing

They broke through ceiling and then used bed sheets for rope

YAKIMA, Wash. — Two more jail escapees, one of them a murder suspect, were recaptured Saturday, but two others were still at large after nine inmates broke out of a maximum security area of the Yakima County Jail.

The men broke through the ceiling of the four-story jail and used a rope made of bed sheets to climb down, authorities said. Five were recaptured before they could flee the jail grounds Friday, but four others got away.

County corrections spokesman Cpl. Ken Rink had no information about how or where authorities on Saturday caught Santos Luera, 20, who was facing a Dec. 5 murder trial for the shooting death of his stepbrother, and Terry Moser, 25, who had been charged with assault.

Authorities were expected to bring the two men back to the jail, Rink said, which suggested they were recaptured without injury.

Yakima Police Chief Sam Granato had described the escapees as dangerous.

"We have specific information that their plans were to arm themselves and gain access to weapons after they escaped, and we're positive they had assistance from someone on the outside," Granato said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

The two remaining fugitives were identified as Luis Soto, 28, of Toppenish, who was facing trial Jan. 3 on a second-degree theft charge; and Gianno Alaimo, 26, of Yakima, who had been charged with assault.

The inmates escaped Friday afternoon, apparently going through a ceiling on the top floor of the jail in downtown Yakima and gaining access to the roof, Rink said. They used bed sheets to slide down to the roof of the adjacent one-story jail annex, then jumped to the ground.

The breakout was similar to an escape by four inmates in 1994 from the same central Washington jail. They made a hole in a ceiling and followed ductwork to a roof vent, then used a bed sheet rope to reach the annex roof, the Yakima Herald-Republic reported. Two were injured when the makeshift rope broke. They other two fled to Mexico, where one was killed in a gunfight and the other was captured.