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Hints from Heloise: Pets love to play 'possum'

Al Erekson of Sandy, Utah, sent this photo of Ralph the cat, licking his chops as the family barbecued.
Al Erekson of Sandy, Utah, sent this photo of Ralph the cat, licking his chops as the family barbecued.
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Dear Readers: We had so many interesting letters about "treasures" your pets bring home that we decided to print a second installment. So, here goes:

J.L. of Baton Rouge, La., says:"Back in the days when I left the dog door open while I went to work, I arrived home one day to find a baby possum in the middle of my bed. Being border collies, my dogs had brought it inside unharmed but then wouldn't let it get off the bed. I don't leave the dog door open anymore!"

Christine Beatty of Mount Hermon, La., says: "Our dog, Percy, brought home a neighbor's waders — those waterproof boots for hunting and fishing — and a long string of braided garlic that had been hanging on the neighbor's garage wall."

A reader, via e-mail, says:"While at a friend's house, their dog brought a newspaper and dropped it into my 9-month-old daughter's lap. She, in turn, took her 'binkie' out of her mouth and put it in the dog's mouth. They were both quite happy with their exchange."

Sy Mathis, via e-mail, says:"We were out for a walk one day when a dog started following us. He peeled a dried-up, flattened, mummified dead cat off the pavement and tried to bring it to us. He was so proud and pleased with himself for his found treasure. Our walk turned into a run as we tried to evade the dog."

Judy Gore of Mineral Wells, W. Va., says:"Our Doberman pinscher grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen counter and held it by the handle in her mouth like an ice pop. When I tried to retrieve the knife, she decided I was playing and began running throughout the home. Needless to say, I stayed out of her way and waited until she tired of the new 'game' and dropped the knife."

Lori Goodale of Jacksonville, Fla., says:"My dog Marley is a hunter. One morning, I woke to find Marley on the bed and a lump under the covers. She had found a box turtle and buried it in bed with me. She was really proud of her conquest. I, on the other hand, was not so pleased to be sleeping with a turtle."

Guess we're lucky — my pets have only brought dead rats and birds and a possum. Our dear, departed golden retriever, J.D., once walked around the yard with a snapping turtle in his mouth until I could coax him to let me have it! — Heloise

Dear Readers: Al Erekson of Sandy, Utah, sent a photo of the family's cat Ralph, licking his chops because they were barbecuing. I guess Ralph was ready for his steak!

Send your favorite, unusual pet photo to: Heloise/Pet Photo, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, TX 78279-5000. — Heloise

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