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Capitol Hill area parking is free

I read with interest the article "LDS ask to intervene in lawsuit" regarding a lawsuit contending parking problems associated with the LDS Church's construction of a history library east of the LDS Conference Center. The quote that caught my eye is attributed to Peter von Sivers, who said, "Typically when there are large conferences in the assembly hall, the first people victimized are always we in the Capitol Hill area because that is perceived as free parking."

It is free parking. Residents don't pay anything to park on the street yet complain when others want the same privilege. If you buy or rent a residence with no off-street parking, expect parking problems. These are city streets. I think a solution to the problem would entail those needing parking spaces buying a permit to park in designated spaces. Permit holders would then be guaranteed a parking space. Some spaces could be left free and used on a first-come first-served basis.

Michael Fife

Salt Lake City