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Brother sues over use of funds

FARMINGTON — A year after their father passed away, one brother is suing the other, claiming his sibling misused $1.7 million from the family's construction company.

Brad C. Green of Farmington filed the lawsuit against Mark J. Green of Bountiful in 2nd District Court on Monday.

The two had been partners of MC Green & Sons Construction of Centerville. The company, which does underground utility, concrete and grading work, was started 30 years ago by their father, Million C. Green, who died in November 2004.

The two brothers acquired interest in the company in the 1970s, said Paul T. Moxley, Brad Green's attorney.

"We tried to work this suit out. Brad got fired, and then he resigned from being a director," Moxley said.

The lawsuit contends Mark Green used $1.2 million for another company, Evergreen Investment Company LC.

Brad Green also holds an interest in the real estate company, Moxley said.

The lawsuit also contends Mark Green was paid out of MC Green accounts more than $550,000 for personal expenses and charges having nothing to do with MC Green's construction business.

John A. Adams, the attorney for Mark Green, said he has received a copy of the lawsuit but has not discussed it with his client.

"There are always two sides to the story, and we anticipate vigorously defending the suit," Adams said.

Adams said the construction company has an excellent reputation and it "will continue on the same solid course."

Brad Green started his own construction company, Green Construction, in January, shortly after he was fired.