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District 1 candidate Q&A

Question: Mayor Rocky Anderson wants 90 more police officers by 2010. This goal may require tax increases. What's your opinion?

Carlton Christensen "I would be willing to add additional officers but it may be unrealistic to do 90 by 2010. . . . I would be willing to consider raising taxes, but only after I felt that prioritizing spending couldn't achieve the same goal."

Leslie Benns "We managed to add 10 new police officers this year without raising taxes. I would hope we could add 10 per year to get us closer to the needed level."

Question:One of the biggest issues in District 1 is the neighborhood conflicts that arise between Spanish-speaking immigrants and long-time locals. Do you think the city is doing enough to help solve this problem?

Carlton Christensen "As a council member, I believe that we could better use our resources in being more collaborative to other state and local agencies, including the school district, to better achieve the goals that need to be obtained."

Leslie Benns "I believe this is an education and then enforcement issue. The city isn't in the business of education, but the churches are. . . . I am working with a local Catholic church . . . and will contact the new pastor of a local Spanish-speaking Pentecostal church to educate the Spanish-speaking immigrants on local housing codes."

Question:What's your vision for the city's undeveloped Northwest Quadrant west of the Salt Lake City International Airport? If you favor development, how will the city pay for it?

Carlton Christensen "I favor development in a responsible way, where development pays for itself, is well planned and long-term goals set."

Leslie Benns "Now is not the time for the development of the Northwest Quadrant. We have other areas in District 1 needing planned development."