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Health-care giant is changing company name, logo, Web site

After three decades with the same look and name, Utah's largest health-care system announced changes Tuesday.

First, there's a new logo. But the company, known throughout the community as IHC, is changing its name, slightly, as well — or, rather, how it spells its name.

The company will immediately be called Intermountain Healthcare, with no space and a little "C." And people who've been used to visiting their Web site at or e-mailing someone who works there will need to make adjustments too.

The Web site is now

The new logo is being phased in, said spokesman Daron Cowley. The company is not dumping all its stationery yet. Over the next year, however, all the facilities and services within Intermountain Healthcare will have their look updated.

The health-care system includes hospitals, clinics, insurance plans and physicians.