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NAMI continues its mission

Thank you, Marjorie Cortez, for the heartfelt tribute to Vicki Cottrell (Nov. 1). I miss her, too. We turned to her to help us understand people and events that were almost incomprehensible. As she was able to put a human face on mental illness, she was also able to energize and impassion many of us to join her in her cause to provide a voice for those with mental illness.

Vicki may be gone, but NAMI Utah is still very much alive and present in the community. Under the able direction of Sherri Wittwer, Vicki's protege, NAMI Utah continues to go forward with its mission to educate, support and advocate for those who suffer from mental illness and their families. NAMI Utah provides clergy training to any interested denomination and in the past three years has successfully trained over 25,000 people in a clergy-training partnership with the LDS Church. Our first NAMI Walk was held in conjunction with the Deseret Morning News Marathon on July 25, 2005; over $20,000 was raised to support NAMI Utah programs and affiliates.

Vicki would be proud.

Georganne Ballif Arrington

NAMI Utah board president

Salt Lake City