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Elk Ridge mayoral candidates

Vernon Fritz (i)

Age: 71

Political Experience: Current mayor, member of the Board of Adjustments, 1 year; City Council member for 3 years — all in Elk Ridge

Education: Business background. 137 semester hours, no degree.

Occupation: Retired mortgage company owner; served in the Air Force

Interesting Fact: Loves hunting, fishing and gardening.

Biggest issues facing Elk Ridge: Connecting with Payson on the sewer system, looking into a police force — currently Elk Ridge uses the Utah County sheriff for law issues, and the city is getting large enough to merit its own officers, Fritz said.

Dennis Dunn

Age: 53

Political Experience: Planning Commission, 3 years in Payson, 2 years in Elk Ridge. Certified three times as a citizen city planner.

Education: Classes from Utah Valley State College, Brigham Young University, no degree

Occupation: Artist, retired from construction work

Interesting Fact: Dunn built his family's current house in Elk Ridge, doing everything himself except the sheet rock and the carpeting.

Biggest issues facing Elk Ridge: Preparing for the growth of the city by expanding the infrastructure; providing sewer and water lines for people who want to annex and build.