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Springville mayoral candidates

Gene R. Mangum

Age: 70

Political experience: None.

Education: Business degree from Brigham Young University.

Occupation: Retired. Worked in corporate finance, accounting and management. Was the director of treasury operations for Samsonite luggage company.

Interesting fact: "I spent a lot of my life in responsible positions for my church, but I don't want to advertise my church too much," he said.

Christine M. Tolman

Age: 52

Political experience: Has served on the city's Planning Commission for the past seven years, past five as the chair.

Education: A degree from Brigham Young University in economics and statistics.

Occupation: Works in information technology at BYU.

Interesting fact: She lived all over the world as a child. She was born in Switzerland and lived in Australia, Canada and the eastern United States.