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Temple moments: 'Our whole lives'

"They actually gave us our whole lives," said Helen King. She and her husband, retired health physicist William C. King, are members of the North Canyon 6th Ward, Bountiful Utah North Canyon Stake.

She was talking about missionaries. In 1949, Elder David Gill Warner and his companion, Elder Charles R. Smart, who later became a physician and prominent cancer researcher in Salt Lake City, Utah, knocked on the door of a small trailer where the Kings, with their 1-year-old son, William Jr., lived in McMinnville, Ore.

"They taught us about the true gospel of Jesus Christ and my wife and I both accepted their teaching and were baptized on Nov. 6, 1949," said Brother King.

The family later moved to Tennessee, where Brother King received a degree from Vanderbilt University, then to various nuclear laboratories in Idaho, Nevada and California as he pursued a successful career in health physics on the forefront of nuclear development. In the Church, he was often called to the high council, and she was often called as Relief Society president. Their family of five children was very active in the Church, said Sister King. The Kings eventually retired to Bountiful, Utah, where they became temple workers.

Brother Warner attended most of the five temple weddings of the children and stayed in touch. "It makes us humble to be around them," he said.

The Kings chanced to meet Brother Warner

recently in the Salt Lake Temple where they learned that their missionary was now a temple sealer. So when Bill Jr.'s youngest daughter, Janessa, made plans to be married in the temple, they asked Brother Warner to perform the sealing.

"The room was full," said Sister King. "Our whole family was there. We had all our children and their spouses" and a number of grandchildren, some with spouses.

When Brother Warner entered the room to see the long-term abundant harvest of missionary efforts, "you can imagine there were tears all around," said Sister King. "It makes me teary just to talk about it."

"It was really special," said Brother Warner. "Very special. It was a thrill to me to see their whole family there, and see how faithful they have been in the gospel." — John L. Hart