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Tabernacle Choir to sing in Denver

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will perform in Denver, Colo., Nov. 19 in a concert sponsored by the National Sports Center for the Disabled.

The NSCD is an adaptive sports and therapeutic recreation organization that was founded in 1970 to teach children from the Children's Hospital of Denver how to ski. Over the past 35 yeas it has grown into a nationally recognized agency serving children and adults with disabilities throughout Colorado and the country and now accommodates almost any physical or mental disability, and teaches lessons in 20 different sports and activities.

Music at the concert will be drawn from the choir's extensive repertoire and will include Christmas and Thanksgiving music as well as music from the choir's 2005 Pacific Northwest tour. All proceeds from the concert will benefit a NSCD charity fund.

The concert will take place in the Pepsi Center. Tickets for the concert are on sale through Ticketmaster, at the Pepsi Center box office and the Denver area Deseret Book store (303) 797-3772; and LDS Chapter and Verse (719) 278-4897.