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Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

A testimony of the Savior

Do you have a testimony of the Savior of the world? Do you know that He was the first Begotten of the Father? Do you know that actually He was the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh? Do you know that He left His royal courts on high and came to earth, born under the humblest of circumstances? He walked the dusty roads of Palestine, and gave His life on the cross of Calvary for you and me.

Do you have a conviction of that in your hearts? If you do, fortunate are you. Blessed are you. If you do not, yours is a great opportunity. — From regional conference, St. George, Utah, Nov. 24, 2002

How great is our debt

How great is our debt to (the Prophet Joseph Smith). His life began in Vermont and ended in Illinois, and marvelous were the things that happened between that simple beginning and that tragic ending.

He was the instrument in the hands of the Almighty. He was the servant acting under the direction of the Lord Jesus Christ in bringing to pass this great latter-day work.

We stand in reverence before him. He is the great prophet of this era. He stands at the head of this last and final dispensation. He is our prophet, our revelator, our seer, our friend. Let us never forget him. God be thanked for the Prophet Joseph. — From Missionary Devotional, Dec. 15, 2002

Let us be good neighbors

Let us be good neighbors. Let us not be self-righteous. Let us reach out in kindness, in love, in neighborliness to those about us who are not of our faith. If they choose to learn more, they will be blessed. If they have no desire to learn more, that becomes their responsibility, but we will try. — From regional conference, Pleasant Grove, Utah, Jan. 19, 2003

Live worthy of your divine inheritance

To the youth . . . I want to put before you a challenge that you live worthy of your divine inheritance. You are a child of God, a son or daughter of God. You can't engage in the kind of tawdry behavior that so many are indulging in this day, as the world moves in on us. You've got to rise about it. You've got to stand above it. You are Latter-day Saints. You are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You have an obligation. You have a responsibility. You have a divine birthright. . . . Don't squander the goodness that God has blessed you with. . . . Hold yourselves high. Stay true to the obligation, which is yours. God will bless you and great will be your happiness. — From regional conference, St. George, Utah, Nov. 24, 2002

Never before given

Go to the temple. . . . There has been laid upon us, as a people, a responsibility never before given to anyone upon the earth. We have been given the responsibility for the salvation and the opportunity of exaltation for all who have ever lived, through all the generations of time. We are responsible for all of those now upon the earth, and we are responsible for those who will yet live upon the earth. The temples afford us an opportunity to extend to those who have gone before us the great blessings, which come of the gospel of Jesus Christ. — From regional conference, St. George, Utah, Nov. 24, 2002

No greater happiness in the world

I make you a promise. You will have no greater happiness in the world than you will gain in being an instrument in the hands of the Lord to bring about the conversion of others into this great Church and kingdom of God.

When those converts come in, reach out your arms to them. Encircle them with your love. Let them feel that they are welcome. Let them feel that they are important. Be friends to them. Hold them fast so that they will remain within the fold of the Church, strong and active in the faith. — From member meeting, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Feb. 21, 2004

See the good in your companion

I want to plead with you, all of you, to look to one another and see the good and the virtue and the strength in your companion, and cultivate and nurture that love which properly belongs there. Look not elsewhere, but look to one another in faith and confidence and appreciation and respect and love one for another. — From regional conference, Ogden North, Utah, Sept. 19, 2004

The priesthood of God

You (men) hold the priesthood of God. He has imparted to you something that He has and owns, the very precious thing which we call the priesthood of God — the power, the authority, the opportunity to speak and act in His holy name. What a precious boon that is. We are constantly administering to people. We are constantly blessing people. How do we do it? We do it in the name of Jesus Christ and in the authority of the holy priesthood. — From regional conference, St. George, Utah, Nov. 24, 2002