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Disney on Ice 'Jungle' skates this way again

Tarzan (Stephane Morel) and Jane (Robin Johnstone) in "Disney on Ice: 3 Jungle Adventures" at the Delta Center.
Tarzan (Stephane Morel) and Jane (Robin Johnstone) in "Disney on Ice: 3 Jungle Adventures" at the Delta Center.
Feld Entertainment

Walt Disney and Feld Entertainment — two family-entertainment giants — are experts when it comes to recycling.

Disney reissues its classic animated movies periodically and repackages them in newly enhanced DVD collections. Feld criss-crosses the country with two alternating editions of its circuses, mixing such traditions as elephants and clowns with all-new acts.

Disney and Feld joined forces more than a decade ago for what has evolved into twice-yearly visits by "Disney on Ice" companies. If this week's production in the Delta Center — "Disney on Ice: 3 Jungle Adventures" sounds vaguely familiar, it should. In March 2002 the same three abbreviated stories — "Tarzan," "The Lion King" and "Jungle Book" — were showcased in another "Jungle Adventures" package. But now they've been enhanced with some high-tech special effects, new lighting and newly devised choreography.

Veteran circus aerialist and choreographer Alla Youdina, who trained with the renowned Moscow Circus, has brought the acrobatic "Spanish web routine" to the table, featuring a 35-foot rope suspended from the top of the arena.

Tarzan, according to an explanation of how the routine works, sets the stage by inviting Jane to join him in exploring his world high above the jungle floor. Accompanied by Phil Collins' Oscar-winning music (for the Disney animated film), Tarzan and Jane begin their slow ascent, twisting and turning "in an intricate pattern of aerial acrobatics."

Youdina trained Stephane Morel of France (Tarzan) and Robin Johnstone of Canada (Jane), to bring the acrobatics of Tarzan and Jane to life.

Youdina, who began skating at the age of 4, is the daughter of a respected Russian gymnastics coach. According to Feld Entertainment press material, she was often criticized by her instructors as being too daring, but she went on to develop the first trapeze act ever performed on ice skates.

Other principal skaters in the production are Michael Kho and Andrew Buchanan, both of Canada, and Craig Horowitz of Washington, D.C.

FOOD DRIVE — In connection with "Disney on Ice" (and the "Jungle Book" segment of the show), the company is joining forces with the Utah Food Bank to conduct a "Bare Necessities" canned food drive on Tuesday at noon in The Gateway's "entertainment alley" next to Biaggi's Restaurant.

Everyone who donates a can of food will receive one free pass to the opening-night performance of "Disney on Ice" (7 p.m. Wednesday). Donors can receive up to four free passes in exchange for four cans of food.

If you go . . .

What: "Disney on Ice: 3 Jungle Adventures"

Where: Delta Center

When: Wednesday-Nov. 13

How much: $12-$21

Phone: 325-7328

Web site: