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Hurricane pulls away from Wasatch at end

HURRICANE, Washington County — Hurricane beat Wasatch in a 3A quarterfinal game, 34-21, in which an amazing comeback was overshadowed by an official's controversial call.

In reaching the state semifinals, Hurricane pounded the defensive line and secondary of Wasatch as running backs Kenny Scott and Jaron Ewell took turns running at, over and through the Wasp defense. Hurricane worked its way down the field on two separate occasions as Scott scored two 3-yard touchdown runs to pace the Tiger offense.

The Wasps did catch a break in the final minute of the half. The offense was able to string together a few first downs and get in field-goal range. As the first half expired, however, Wasatch was unable to convert a 35-yard field-goal try.

The third quarter started with Wasatch showing some life, but after a Hurricane interception in its own end zone there was still nothing to show for it on the scoreboard.

Hurricane finished off another scoring drive as Tiger quarterback Chancen Hall rolled to his left and lofted a ball 30 yards downfield where receiver Cody Olsen caught it, broke a tackle, and scored to give Hurricane a 21-0 lead.

On the ensuing kickoff Wasatch was unable to do anything and was forced to punt deep in its own end of the field. Down 21 points with 2:31 left in the third quarter, the Wasps needed someone to make a play. Following a booming Wasatch punt that pinned Hurricane deep in its own territory, Wasatch defensive back Robbie Carlile made a play.

He intercepted a Hurricane pass, giving the Wasps life and great field position. Wasatch worked their way down to the Tiger 5-yard line, where running back Pat Burns scored to cut the lead to 14.

On the next Tiger possession, Wasatch forced a fumble at midfield as senior defensive back Josh Shoemaker recovered giving the Wasps a little more hope.

The start of the fourth quarter was all Wasatch as it drove down to the Hurricane 5-yard line behind the punishing runs of Kyle Kohler and a big fourth down and six conversion. Once again it was Burns who punched in the 5-yard run to cut the lead to 21-14.

Wasatch stuffed a Hurricane fourth-down attempt. Following a 40-yard pass from Baird to Carlile, Burns scored his third touchdown of the game to even the score at 21.

Enter controversy. With the momentum clearly on the side of Wasatch, the Wasps kicked off. Hurricane's Cody Olsen took the kick up to the Tiger 40-yard line, where he fumbled. Once again it was Carlile who picked up the ball and ran it back to the Tiger 20.

But the officials ruled that Olsen's knee had been down, and therefore it was Hurricane's ball. With 1:30 left in the game, Wasatch's momentum and hopes were gone. Before Wasatch knew it, Hurricane drove down and scored the go-ahead touchdown to take the lead at 28-21. A late Wasatch fumble resulted in another Hurricane touchdown to end the game at 34-21.